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The Mullah’s Attack on Israel: Watch This!

Kevin Geoghegan Tries Preventing Tom’s River Primary Ballots From Being Printed, But Too Late

Despite reports to the contrary, former Toms River councilman Kevin Geoghegan, who is seeking election to the Ward 2 seat, has not yet filed a stay in an attempt to halt the printing of the ballots for the upcoming primary… Continue Reading →

Chess Champion Is Trying To Break The World Record For Longest Chess Marathon

A Nigerian chess champion and child education advocate is attempting to play chess nonstop for 58 hours in New York City’s Times Square to break the global record for the longest chess marathon. Tunde Onakoya, 29, hopes to raise $1… Continue Reading →

TAXED TO DEATH: Biden Floats Tax Hikes For All, Says Trump Cuts Will ‘Stay Expired’ If Re-Elected — Prompting WH Walk-Back

President Joe Biden stated today that former President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts would lapse next year if he’s re-elected and “stay expired” — meaning higher taxes for middle-class and low-income Americans — prompting a swift walk-back by aides. Biden,… Continue Reading →

US Sanctions Fundraisers for Extremist West Bank Settlers Who Commit Violence Against Palestinians

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration on Friday imposed sanctions on two entities accused of fundraising for extremist Israeli West Bank settlers who have harassed and attacked Palestinians, as well as the founder of an organization whose members regularly assault… Continue Reading →

Apple Pulls WhatsApp And Threads From App Store On China’s Orders

Apple said it had removed Meta’s WhatsApp messaging app and its Threads social media app from the App Store in China to comply with orders from Chinese authorities. The apps were removed from the store on Friday after Chinese officials… Continue Reading →

France Asks Retailers to Alert Customers to Cases of ‘Shrinkflation’

PARIS (AP) — The French government announced a new rule on Friday that will require stores to tell customers when a product becomes smaller but its price stays the same or increases, a practice known as shrinkflation. Finance Minister Bruno… Continue Reading →

United Airlines Cancels Flights To Tel Aviv Through May 2 On Security Concerns

United Airlines has made the decision to suspend its daily flight from Newark, New Jersey to Tel Aviv in Israel until May 2, citing security concerns following Israel’s reported strike on Iran. The airline has also canceled its planned second… Continue Reading →

Japanese Doctors Demand Damages From Google Over “Groundless” Reviews

TOKYO (AP) — A group of Japanese doctors has filed a civil lawsuit against U.S. search giant Google, demanding damages for what they claim are unpoliced derogatory and often false comments. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Tokyo District Court, demands… Continue Reading →

EPA Designates 2 Forever Chemicals As Hazardous Substances, Eligible For Superfund Cleanup

The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday designated two forever chemicals that have been used in cookware, carpets and firefighting foams as hazardous substances, an action intended to ensure quicker cleanup of the toxic compounds and require industries and others responsible… Continue Reading →

Man Sets Himself On Fire Near Trump Trial Courthouse

A man lit himself on fire near the Manhattan courthouse where former president Donald Trump was being criminally tried, eyewitnesses told The Washington Post on Friday. CNN chief legal analyst Laura Coates was reporting live on air outside the courthouse… Continue Reading →

The Upper West Side Mourns Tom Weiss, a Congressman’s Son and ‘Master of Chesed’

NEW YORK (JTA/By Julia Gergely )- On the evening of Monday, April 8, the last hours Tom Weiss was seen in public, he was taking care of others: He sang and chatted with friends at the annual dinner at Ohab Zedek,… Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Inside ArtScroll 5:11: Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg – Shailos Uteshuvos Divrei Chachomim

From the time that Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg was a young yeshiva bochur learning in Eretz Yisroel through today as a seasoned rov for almost 40 years, he had the merit to do what most of us just dream about. He had developed a close… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin’s Next ‘Halving’ Is Right Around the Corner. Here’s What You Need to Know

NEW YORK (AP) — Sometime in the next few days or even hours, the “miners” who chisel bitcoins out of complex mathematics are going to take a 50% pay cut — effectively slicing new production of the world’s largest cryptocurrency… Continue Reading →

2 Suspects Detained In Poland For Attack On A Navalny Ally In Lithuania

Two men have been detained in Poland on suspicion that they attacked Russian activist Leonid Volkov — an ally of the late opposition leader Alexei Navalny — on the orders of foreign intelligence services, officials said Friday. Volkov was attacked… Continue Reading →

Iran Foreign Minister Claims Israeli Attack Caused No Damage Or Casualties In Isfahan

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, has conveyed to the representatives of Muslim nations in New York that the drones reportedly launched by Israel towards Isfahan resulted in no harm or casualties, as reported by Iranian media. “The Zionist regime’s media… Continue Reading →

Not Only New York Casinos Threaten Atlantic City. Developer Predicts Meadowlands Casino Is Coming

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Atlantic City casinos are facing threats on multiple fronts from new competitors not just in New York, but from within their own state. That’s not great news for a seaside resort in which the amount… Continue Reading →

PHOTOS: The Mashpia, Hagaon HaRav Meilich Biederman Baking Matzos

Israeli Source: Attack on Iran Was ‘Carefully Calibrated’

According to a report by the Washington Post, an Israeli source revealed that the recent aerial strike on Isfahan, Iran, was executed with precision and deliberation and was “carefully calibrated.” The source, who remains anonymous due to lacking authorization to… Continue Reading →

Toms River Motorcyclist Killed in Accident With State Trooper

The Attorney General’s Office today identified the motorcyclist who died after being involved in a collision with a New Jersey State Police (NJSP) vehicle on April 9, 2024, in Southampton Township, New Jersey. The civilian who died during the encounter… Continue Reading →

Soldiers Who Lost Limbs in Gaza Fighting Are Finding Healing on Israel’s Amputee Soccer Team

RAMAT GAN, Israel (AP) — When Ben Binyamin was left for dead, his right leg blown off during the Hamas attack on the Tribe of Nova music festival, the Israeli professional soccer player thought he would never again play the… Continue Reading →

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