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WASHINGTON POST: FBI Has Enough Evidence to Indict Hunter Biden

DELAWARE (Yaakov M / VINnews) — According to a bombshell report, the FBI has enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax fraud and gun-related crimes. Yet unfortunately, because Hunter is a Democrat and the president’s son, the DOJ does… Continue Reading →

New Survey Suggests Little Progress Against U.S. Teen Vaping

The latest government study on teen vaping suggests there’s been little progress in keeping e-cigarettes out of the hands of kids. The data seems to show more high school students vaping, with 14% saying they had done so recently, according… Continue Reading →

Conservative Senator Ben Sasse to Resign, Become President of University of Florida

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse is the sole finalist to become president of the University of Florida, the school said Thursday, and the Republican senator indicated he will take the job — meaning he will likely resign in the coming weeks…. Continue Reading →

FLU WARNING: Get Flu Shot ‘As Soon As Possible,’ Virus Is ‘Early And Aggressive,’ NY’s Top Doc Warns

It’s the start of flu season in New York and the state already documented an unusually high number of cases in September, igniting a call from health officials for New Yorkers to get their flu vaccine, 1010 WINS reports. “I… Continue Reading →

Federal Judge Halts Key Parts of New York’s New Gun Law

New York’s latest attempt to restrict who can carry a handgun in public and where firearms can be brought was picked apart Thursday by a federal judge, who ruled that multiple provisions in a state law passed this year are… Continue Reading →

NUKE NIGHTMARE: Biden Says Putin “Not Joking,” Risk of Nuclear War Greatest Since Cuban Missile Crisis

President Joe Biden said Thursday that the risk of nuclear “Armageddon” is at the highest level since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, as Russian officials speak of the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons after suffering massive setbacks in the… Continue Reading →

CLUELESS JOE: Biden Drains Strategic Petroleum Reserve to 40 Year Low

President Joe Biden will have drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to a 40 year low at the end of October, according to industry experts, Breitbart reports. The SPR contained about 638 million barrels of oil before Biden assumed office…. Continue Reading →

Transportation Minister To Inaugurate New Haifa Bus Line On Shabbos

Transportation Minister and Labor party chairwoman Merav Michaeli is traveling to Haifa on Shabbos to inaugurate the first trip of the Metronit bus line 5a, which begins operations on Friday. A statement from Michaeli’s office said that she will arrive… Continue Reading →

Electric Vehicles Are Exploding From Water Damage After Hurricane Ian, Florida Official Warns

  A top Florida state official warned Thursday that firefighters have battled a number of fires caused by electric vehicle (EV) batteries waterlogged from Hurricane Ian. EV batteries that have been waterlogged in the wake of the hurricane are at risk of… Continue Reading →

Poll: More Than Half of Americans Pessimistic About Improving Standard of Living

More than half of Americans believe it’s unlikely younger people today will have better lives than their parents, according to a new poll from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public… Continue Reading →

Twitter-Musk Trial Delayed As Sides Argue Over Money And Trust

SAN FRANCISCO – A judge in Delaware Chancery Court has agreed to postpone the trial between Elon Musk and Twitter so the two sides can come up with a deal for Musk to buy the company, according to a legal… Continue Reading →

Controversial Maritime Deal At Risk: Lapid Rejects Lebanon’s Changes To Proposal

Transitional Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Thursday rejected the amendments the Lebanese government is demanding to the US-proposed maritime agreement with Israel. “The State of Israel received Lebanon’s comments on the draft agreement,” a senior political source said. “Prime Minister… Continue Reading →

TV Report: Maine Farm Working To Produce Esrogim for Sukkos

Goronson Farm said it will take four years before the trees are ready to produce esrogim for Sukkos, but is offering a limited number of seedlings on Friday. WATCH:

Florida Drop Tower Will Be Taken Down After Teen’s Death

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A towering amusement ride in central Florida’s tourism district where a Missouri teen fell to his death will be taken down because of the accident, the owner said Thursday. The decision to remove the more than… Continue Reading →

NUCLEAR WORRIES: US Splashes $290 Million On Anti-Radiation Drugs After Putin Ups Nuclear Threats

The US government has purchased a significant supply of radiation-injury drugs as the Russian president threatened the use of nuclear weapons, The Telegraph reports. A $290 million procurement of the drug Nplate, to treat acute radiation syndrome (ARS), was announced… Continue Reading →

GAFFE: Yair Lapid Speaks of “Tefillin on Yom Kippur”

In his latest embarrassing error, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, in a ceremony held to commemorate the martyrs of the Yom Kippur War, referred to those who “wear tefillin on Yom Kippur.” Lapid spoke about the Yom Kippur War in… Continue Reading →

WATCH: NYPD Cruiser Slams Into Pedestrians, 3 Critically Injured

An NYPD officer errantly slammed his police cruiser into a group of pedestrians in the Bronx on Tuesday as he was responding to an emergency call. The officer was reportedly responding to a larceny in progress when he jumped the… Continue Reading →

Watch Mr. Roy Neuberger on Sukkos 5783

Watch Mr. Roy Neuberger’s unique take on world events as they relate to the impending Yom Tov of Sukkos.  Roshei yeshiva, and Gedolei Torah have lauded Mr. Neuberger’s outlook as fulfilling the directive of Tzipisa Liyeshuah. To subscribe send an… Continue Reading →

EXPLAINER: How Will OPEC+ Cuts Affect Oil Prices, Inflation?

Major oil-producing countries led by Saudi Arabia and Russia have decided to slash the amount of oil they deliver to the global economy. And the law of supply and demand suggests that can only mean one thing: higher prices are… Continue Reading →

Watch Roy Neuberger on Sukkos

Watch Mr. Roy Neuberger’s unique take on world events as they relate to the impending Yom Tov of Sukkos.  Roshei yeshiva, and Gedolei Torah have lauded Mr. Neuberger’s outlook as fulfilling the directive of Tzipisa Liyeshuah. To subscribe send an… Continue Reading →

THE DONALD: Trump Suggests He Would Crush George Washington, Abe Lincoln in Election

former President Donald Trump has suggested that he would easily win a presidential election against a hypothetical combined ticket of former presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, Newsweek reports. Trump made the remarks during a speech on Wednesday at the… Continue Reading →

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