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Israel Kills Hezbollah Commander, Hezbollah Retaliates With 25 Missiles

The IDF carried out a targeted elimination of a senior Hezbollah terrorist on Thursday. Abbas Ibrahim Hamza Hamada, who served as the Hezbollah operations officer of the Jouaiyaa area, was killed in a drone strike in Deir Kifa in southern… Continue Reading →

White House Says That Top-Level Israeli-US Meeting To Take Place As Scheduled

The White House denied the Axios report on Wednesday that a scheduled meeting with senior Israeli officials was canceled after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a video message slamming the Biden administration for withholding arms shipments to Israel, the Times… Continue Reading →

The Verdict on Soon-to-be President Donald Trump: A Jewish Perspective. By Rabbi Dovid Abenson

On May 30, 2024, former President Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 felonies by a jury in his “hush money” trial in New York, marking the first time in U.S. history. The trial, which is perceived as biased due… Continue Reading →

Listen: The Daily “Bitachon 4 Life” Burst of Inspiration on Which Tefila Accomplishes?


Listen: Stories4Life Shiur On What Do We Respect?


Watch: 7-Minute Iyun Shiur on Daf Yomi – Bava Metziah 113


Louisiana Requires Ten Commandments To Be Displayed In Public Classrooms

Gov. Jeff Landry (R) signed legislation Wednesday requiring every public classroom in Louisiana to display the Ten Commandments, becoming the first state with such a law and inflaming tensions over the separation between church and state. “This bill mandates the… Continue Reading →

Bibi’s Advisers Warned Not to Release Video Criticizing the US – Report

According to a new report by Channel 13 News, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu ignored warnings from his advisers and ministers not to release his video criticizing the US for holding up munitions shipments to Israel during wartime. The report says… Continue Reading →

AOC: Pull Plug on ‘War Criminal’ Netanyahu’s Speech

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., labeled Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as a “war criminal” and suggested that his invitation to address Congress should be rescinded. “This man should not be addressing Congress,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote Tuesday on X. “He is a… Continue Reading →

HURRICANE SEASON BEGINS: Tropical Storm Alberto Slams Texas

The first named storm of the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, Alberto, formed in the southern Gulf of Mexico late Wednesday morning. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said the storm formed about 295 miles south-southeast of Brownsville, Tex., as torrential… Continue Reading →

Russia Sentences U.S. Soldier to Almost 4 Years in Penal Colony

A Russian court sentenced an American soldier Wednesday to three years and nine months in a penal colony after finding him guilty of theft and threatening to kill his Russian girlfriend, state media reported. Prosecutors said U.S. Army Staff Sgt…. Continue Reading →

Surveillance Video: Oops

The incident occurred on Vassar Avenue in Lakewood earlier today. No injuries were reported.

Knock Knock. This is Your Chance to Open Doors for Cholei Yisroel! The RCCS Pre-Campaign is Now Live!

[COMMUNICATED] Donations are now being accepted for the Pre-Campaign portion of a major two-day push to provide RCCS with all they need to care for cancer patients in our communities.  The 2024 “Knock Knock” Campaign is dedicated to hearing the… Continue Reading →

Macron Denounces ‘Scourge of Antisemitism’ after Jewish Girl Brutally Assaulted

After three boys were indicted for the brutal assault of a 12-year-old Jewish girl in a Paris suburb, French President Emmanuel Macron again spoke out against hatred of Jews. At a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Macron “spoke solemnly and seriously… Continue Reading →

Nearly 15% of Arab Israelis Want Hamas to Govern Gaza

Some 14.7% of Arab Israelis believe the Hamas terrorist group should govern Gaza after the war, in direct opposition to one of Yerushalayim’s key war aims, according to a study the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies… Continue Reading →

Letter: Preserving Tznius in Our Communities

Attention my fellow Lakewood area neighbors. As I spent Shavuos in a neighboring town, I was disheartened to witness a breach of tznius that left me concerned for the erosion of our values. In a community that prides itself on… Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Tells US Lawmakers He ‘Hopes Arms Issue Will Be Resolved’

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told a bipartisan delegation of members of the Congress on Wednesday that he hopes the issue of American arms transfers to the Jewish state will soon be resolved. “The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation for the… Continue Reading →

Matzav Inbox: Where is the Keren to Help Frum Families in America Who Are Drowning?

Dear, I am writing to express my profound admiration for the askanim who have initiated a fund that I read about on to raise an astonishing $107,000,000 for the Olam Hatorah in Eretz Yisroel through the newly formed… Continue Reading →

‘GET A HOLD OF YOURSELVES’: Bibi Demands Coalition Partners Stand Together, Put Other Interests Aside

As infighting between members of Israel’s current coalition government continues, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has released a video statement demanding his partners not to challenge the coalition at the moment by submitting contentious bills. “We are at war on several… Continue Reading →

Date Set for Lakewood’s Independence Day Fireworks Show

The Lakewood Independence Day fireworks show is scheduled take place this year on July 7th. Last year, the Township canceled fireworks due to an impending storm. The fireworks show will take place at 9:15 PM at Lake Carasaljo, with viewing… Continue Reading →

Pentagon Expects Aid Pier to be Re-Anchored to Gaza Coast ‘This Week’

The temporary, Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore pier that Washington anchored to the Gaza coast for aid deliveries on May 16 has been beset by problems. First projected to cost $320 million, the trident-shaped pier was then said to cost $90 million… Continue Reading →

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