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Month June 2019

Dallas, TX – Official: 10 Dead In Dallas-area Plane Crash in Airport Hanger

Dallas, TX – A town official says 10 people were killed when a small, twin-engine plane crashed into a hangar during takeoff at a Dallas-area airport. Addison, Texas, spokeswoman Mary Rosenbleeth says no one survived the Sunday morning crash at… Continue Reading →

Southern Israeli Residents Consider Turning To The UN

In an act of protest against ongoing attacks involving incendiary balloons launched into southern Israel from Gaza, southern Israeli leaders have announced they are contemplating turning to the United Nations against Hamas, a move sparked by what they call “ongoing… Continue Reading →

BREAKING – FIRST REPORT: Lakewood School District will be closed tomorrow due to no certified budget

The Lakewood School District will be shut tomorrow, Monday, due to the budget not being certified, TLS has learned. In an internal email obtained by TLS, Ms. Laura Winters stated, “After consultation with the State Monitor, Board President and General… Continue Reading →

Afghan Taliban Say Latest Talks With U.S. Are ‘Critical’

The Taliban said Sunday that the latest round of peace talks with the United States is “critical” as the two sides “rewrite” a draft agreement in which American forces would… Read more » The post Afghan Taliban Say Latest Talks… Continue Reading →

Los Angeles – Rescued Hiker In California Used Sun-warmed Rocks For Heat

Los Angeles – A hiker who went missing in the mountains north of Los Angeles survived by wrapping himself with a jacket and towel and staying by sun-warmed rocks for heat, authorities said on Sunday. Janet Henderson of the Los… Continue Reading →

Nova Scotia – Canadian Candidate Removed For Tweets Accusing Israel Of Committing Genocide

Nova Scotia – A candidate to represent the New Democratic Party in a voting district in Nova Scotia was removed for tweets that accused Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians and compared Israel to the Nazis. Rana Zaman, who… Continue Reading →

Siyum HaShas Video: Orech Yomeinu: Deerfield Beach, FL

Become a Mesayem Today: “You’ll be able to tell your einiklach!” Over 100,000 yidden worldwide are expected to celebrate in unison The Siyum of Daf Yomi next year, b’ezras Hashem, under the umbrella of The Agudah. Read more on Yeshiva… Continue Reading →

Please Help This Lakewood Almanah

[COMMUNICATED] A Mispallel in Reb Moshe Wehl’s shul Ohel Ahron was niftar erev Shavuous. He was a big tzaddik and a big Anav never spoke ill of anyone he had sterling middos just a good person through and through. Unfortunately… Continue Reading →

Multiple Explosions Rock Syria As State Media Points Finger At Israel [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

Massive explosions rocked the Syrian capital of Damascus, early Monday morning. According to multiple reports from Syrian news agencies, the missiles were launched from the Lebanese airspace, where Israeli aircraft were spotted making low-altitude flights around the time of the… Continue Reading →

Syrian Media Says Israeli Warplanes Attacked Syrian Military Positions

Israeli warplanes fired missiles at Syria that targeted Syrian military positions in Homs and the Damascus outskirts, Syrian state media reported on Monday, citing a military source. Syrian air defenses… Read more » The post Syrian Media Says Israeli Warplanes… Continue Reading →

Regional Briefs – June 30, 2019

Police Stepping Up Patrols For Holiday in New York ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – State and local police are targeting reckless, aggressive and impaired drivers in New York during the Fourth… Read more » The post Regional Briefs – June 30,… Continue Reading →

Health Officials: Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Papaya

Health officials are urging residents in some Northeast states to discard fresh papayas imported from Mexico because they’ve been linked to an outbreak of salmonella. The Centers for Disease Control… Read more » The post Health Officials: Salmonella Outbreak Linked… Continue Reading →

Thieves Net NIS 10,000 Cash In Shabbos Yeshiva Dormitory Theft

Thieves broke into the dormitory of Yeshivas Beit Matisyahu in Bnei Brak on Shabbos and stole cash from the wallets and closets of talmidim. Following the instruction of rabbonim, the talmidim filed official police complaints on motzei Shabbos and crime… Continue Reading →

VIDEO: The second annual Ride 4 Regesh bike ride

BD’E-Harav Dovid Trenk, zt”l

Harav Dovid Trenk, a legendary Mechanech who inspired generations of talmidim, was niftar Sunday afternoon at age seventy seven after an extended illness. Rav Dovid was renown as a Rebbe… Read more » The post BD’E-Harav Dovid Trenk, zt”l appeared… Continue Reading →

O’Rourke Visits Mexico, Meets Turned-Away U.S. Asylum Seekers

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke visited Mexico on Sunday and listened to tearful immigrants say they fled Central American violence and turmoil to seek asylum in the U.S., but were… Read more » The post O’Rourke Visits Mexico, Meets Turned-Away… Continue Reading →

Billionaire Bernie Marcus To Donate Majority Of Fortune, Support Trump For Re-Election

Billionaire Bernie Marcus has already given more than $2 billion to upwards of 300 organizations, and he said he plans to donate the majority of his fortune while he’s still alive and support President Trump for re-election in the 2020… Continue Reading →

New York – Did A Brooklyn Judicial Candidate Adopt Her Jewish Husband’s Last Name To Win The Race?

New York – An Orthodox Jewish judicial candidate in Brooklyn says one of her opponents changed her last name to that of her Jewish husband in order to win the race. Civil court judicial candidate Caroline Piela ran for office… Continue Reading →

Paris Names Jerusalem Square

Yerushalayim Mayor Moshe Lion inaugurated Jerusalem Square in Paris on Sunday, implementing a proposal from the French Jewish community, endorsed by the mayor of the city. “I want to thank… Read more » The post Paris Names Jerusalem Square appeared… Continue Reading →

Mexico Deploys New National Guard to Stem Violent Crime

Mexico presented with much fanfare Sunday its new National Guard, which is supposed to stem endemic violence and restore peace in the country. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador told… Read more » The post Mexico Deploys New National Guard… Continue Reading →

NJ Governor Signs $38.7B Budget, But Chides Lawmakers

New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law the Democrat-led Legislature’s $38.7 billion budget boosting spending by more than 3% Sunday, but he also took lawmakers to task for… Read more » The post NJ Governor Signs $38.7B Budget,… Continue Reading →

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