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Month September 2019

AUDIO: Message from Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer


The post appeared first on Hamodia.

Dark Skies: Un Meeting Reveals A World In A Really Bad Mood

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The planet is heating. Island nations are slipping away. A Pakistan-India nuclear war could be a “bloodbath.” Governments aren’t working together like they used to. Polarization is tearing us apart. Killing. Migration. Poverty. Corruption. Inequality. Sovereignty… Continue Reading →

Student Journalist Scores big Scoop in Trump-Ukraine Story

PHOENIX (AP) — A 20-year-old student at Arizona State University broke the news that a key State Department official who was involved in talks between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian government had stepped down from his post. Andrew Howard,… Continue Reading →

Unity Talks Between Likud Party And Blue And White End With No Progress On Erev Rosh Hashana

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Talks between the Likud Party and Blue and White toward forming a unity government ended hours before the start of Rosh Hashanah with no progress. Following the talks on Sunday morning both sides blamed the other for… Continue Reading →

State Department Steps Up Email Probe of Clinton’s Former Aides

The Trump administration is investigating the email records of dozens of current and former senior State Department officials who sent messages to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email, reviving… Read more » The post State Department Steps Up Email… Continue Reading →

NYPD Officer Killed in the Bronx

A New York City police officer and a man he was trying to arrest were both shot and killed during a struggle early Sunday in the Bronx. The NYPD identified… Read more » The post NYPD Officer Killed in the… Continue Reading →

Ex-Chancellor Kurz Tops Exit Polls in Austria Snap Poll

Austria’s conservative ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz looked set for a major election victory Sunday in a snap poll called after his coalition government with the far-right Freedom Party collapsed in May.… Read more » The post Ex-Chancellor Kurz Tops Exit Polls… Continue Reading →

TLS Wishes You a Shana Tova!

Please note: We will not be updating any of our forums from sundown this evening until after sundown on October 1st, in observance of the Jewish New Year. We will also not be responding to any correspondence during that time.

Rosh Hashanah Message from President Trump

As the High Holy Days commence, Melania and I wish those observing Rosh Hashanah a blessed and happy New Year. This sacred day marks the start of a 10-day period… Read more » The post Rosh Hashanah Message from President… Continue Reading →

Russian President Sends Rosh Hashanah Greetings to Russian Jews

Greetings from the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin, to all of Russia’s Jews, arrived at the offices of Russia’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Berel Lazar, in honor of Rosh Hashanah.… Read more » The post Russian President Sends Rosh Hashanah… Continue Reading →

Broward County, Florida Commission Passes Anti-israel Boycott Resolution

FLORIDA (JTA) — A county commission in southeastern Florida unanimously passed a resolution opposing the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel. The Broward County Commission passed the resolution at a meeting on September 24. The commission said in the… Continue Reading →

Could Washington’s Impeachment Drama Spark China Trade Deal?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Democratic impeachment inquiry may do at least one thing for President Donald Trump: It could give him more incentive to resolve his trade war with China. As the political heat rises in Washington, a deal with… Continue Reading →

Over 50,000 Worshippers Traveling to Uman for Rosh Hashanah

Tens of thousands of Jews from around the world have arrived in Uman, Ukraine to spend Rosh Hashanah near the tomb of spiritual leader Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. The two-day holiday begins on the evening of September 29 and ends… Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Rabbi YY Jacobson: The Courage to Be You

This lecture was presented at “A Night of Inspiration” by A Meaningful Minute, on Thursday, 19 Elul, 5779, September 19, 2019, at The White Shul, Far Rockaway, NY.

Cars Taken From African Leader’s Son Worth $18.5M At Auction

GENEVA (AP) — An auction house in Switzerland is set to sell 25 luxury cars including Ferraris, Rolls-Royces and Lamborghinis that Geneva authorities seized from the son of Equatorial Guinea’s president in a money-laundering probe. Swiss authorities say the sale… Continue Reading →

PHOTOS: Vehicle takes out pole on Route 88 in Lakewood; Traffic Alert

The accident occurred at the intersection of Route 88 and Holly Street. The road is shut in both directions in the area. View this post on Instagram More from Route 88. (TLS-15) A post shared by The Lakewood Scoop (@thelakewoodscoop)… Continue Reading →

Halachos and Minhagim of Rosh Hashana | Rabbi Moshe Rotberg

The Gemara in Horeos (12a) and Krisus (5b) discusses different ways for a person to determine whether or not he is destined to have a good year.Such examples are lighting a candle during Aseres Y’mai T’shuvah and watching to see… Continue Reading →

New York City Police Officer Shot And Killed In The Bronx

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City police officer and a man he was trying to arrest were both shot and killed during a struggle early Sunday in the Bronx. The NYPD identified the slain officer as Brian Mulkeen,… Continue Reading →

PHOTO: In the Book of Tzadikim

Thank you Avi Ashlag!

Electoral Gains Revive Old Dilemma For Israeli Arabs

NAZARETH, Israel (AP) — When election results confirmed that an Arab alliance had emerged as the third largest bloc in Israel’s parliament, its leader Ayman Odeh reached for the Old Testament, tweeting in Hebrew from Psalm 118 that the stone… Continue Reading →

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