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Month December 2019

Yisrael Beitenu Complains its Targeted by Chareidi Anti-Semitism

The Yisrael Beitenu party, headed by MK Avigdor Lieberman, on Tuesday publicized its accusations via Facebook, blaming the chareidi askanim and chareidi media with verbal incitement and physical violence against the party. The post includes, “Yisrael Beitenu has made it… Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Behind the scenes look from the floor of The Siyum

Netanyahu Ends Danny Danon’s Term As Israel’s Ambassador To The United Nations

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not extend the term of Danny Danon, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. Danon’s term officially expired on Tuesday, the same day that the announcement that his term would not be extended… Continue Reading →

Headed to Orlando? Purchase Your DISCOUNTED Tickets Here and Support The Yeshiva of Miami!

Located in the vibrant Torah community of North Miami Beach, Florida, Yeshiva of Miami strives to provide our talmidim with a satisfying Yeshiva experience which affords them the opportunity to grow and develop as B’nei Torah at a pace and… Continue Reading →

Minister: Texas Gunman Grew Angry in Past Over Cash Requests

The congregation at a Texas church where two people were fatally shot had repeatedly given food to the gunman, according to the pastor, but had declined to give money to… Read more » The post Minister: Texas Gunman Grew Angry… Continue Reading →

Officials Take Aim at Robocalls

New Yorkers could get some reprieve from robocalls under a proposal from the governor and new federal protections signed this week by President Donald Trump. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday… Read more » The post Officials Take Aim at Robocalls… Continue Reading →

DHS Reviewing How DMV Laws Affect Immigration Enforcement

The acting secretary of Homeland Security is taking aim at new laws in New York and New Jersey that allow immigrants to get driver’s licenses without proof they are in… Read more » The post DHS Reviewing How DMV Laws… Continue Reading →

Palestinian NGOs Refuse to EU Demand to Give Up Terror Ties

Over 130 Palestinian organizations have refused to sign a European Union grant request which stipulates that beneficiaries must not transfer any EU aid they receive to terrorist groups or entities.… Read more » The post Palestinian NGOs Refuse to EU… Continue Reading →

Dannon’s Term As Israeli Ambassador to United Nations Extended At Last Minute

In what came as a surprise to some, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has announced that he will extend the term of Danny Danon as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations. The announcement was reported on Ynet in Israel on… Continue Reading →

Report: Cadets Gave Nazi Salute as ‘Sign of Respect’

Correction-officer trainees in West Virginia regularly gave the Nazi salute “as a sign of respect” for their instructor in the weeks prior to the release of a photo of the… Read more » The post Report: Cadets Gave Nazi Salute… Continue Reading →

PHOTOS: Dirshu – When The Siyum Calls

Rabbi Nachman Seltzer – Binyanei Hauma The impressive stage was the first thing that grabbed me when I entered the auditorium at Jerusalem’s Binyanei Hauma Convention Center on Moetzai Shabbos Chanuka, Parshas Mikeitz 2019. The screen was studded with stars,… Continue Reading →

Marines: Monsey Stabbing Suspect Kicked Out of Boot Camp

The man charged with stabbing five people during a Chanukah celebration in Monsey began boot camp to enter the U.S. Marine Corps but was separated from the service a month… Read more » The post Marines: Monsey Stabbing Suspect Kicked… Continue Reading →

Schumer Calls for Quadrupling Security Funding for Nonprofits

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) is calling for a quadrupling in federal security funding to non-profit institutions, after attacks this week on a Chanukah celebration in Monsey, N.Y.… Read more » The post Schumer Calls for Quadrupling Security… Continue Reading →

Attack on U.S. Embassy in Iraq Shows Stark Choices for Trump

The attack on the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad by Iran-supported militiamen Tuesday is a stark demonstration that Iran can still strike at American interests despite President Donald Trump’s economic… Read more » The post Attack on U.S. Embassy in… Continue Reading →

TRAGIC NUMBERS: 123 Children Killed in Preventable Tragedies in Israel in 2019

According to the annual report by B’Terem, over the course of 2019, 123 children died in unnatural and preventable tragedies. The report which was titled “Child Death Toll Resulting From Unintentional Injuries” and published by Ynet, the majority of those… Continue Reading →

WebQuantix offers expertly designed websites at an affordable price. For a limited time only, get $750 off your new website!

At WebQuantix we offer affordable web development services. Now, you might be thinking, if they are affordable then surely they don’t do quality work. But really, does affordability have to necessarily come with a compromise in quality? Well, at WebQuantix… Continue Reading →

HATE IN FLATBUSH: Man Displays Knife, Makes Anti-Semitic Slur On Avenue O; Shomrim Start Foot Patrols

There seems to be no end in sight as the anti-semitic attacks keep occuring. The latest incident occurred on Monday afternoon at around 7:30PM on Avenue O near East 8th Street – in the heart of the Flatbush Jewish community…. Continue Reading →

Rabbi Litzman Weighs Sanctions on Vaccination Refusers

Health Minister Rabbi Yaakov Litzman said on Tuesday that he is weighing imposition of sanctions on anyone who refuses to get vaccinated, Channel 12 reported. “We are in the middle… Read more » The post Rabbi Litzman Weighs Sanctions on… Continue Reading →

DAY 2: At the Yikra D’oraisa Yarchei Kallah at the Hilton Parsippany

Tel Aviv Rail Passengers Advised to Expect Overcrowding in January

Work to extend electrification for the new high speed train from Tel Aviv to Yerushalayim will entail some crowding in Tel Aviv for most of January, Globes reported on Tuesday.… Read more » The post Tel Aviv Rail Passengers Advised… Continue Reading →

WATCH: Man Arrested With Multiple Guns Next Door To Lakewood Girl’s School

LAKEWOOD (VINnews) — A man was arrested in Lakewood moments ago on Park Ave, next door to Beis Feiga girls school. He was found to be in possession of multiple guns. According to reports, the man had attempted to sell… Continue Reading →

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