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Month April 2020

Watch Live 8:00 PM: Lakewood Schoo District Attorney Michael Inzelbuch gives update on Nonpublic school services

Chai Lifeline COVID-19 Lecture Series

Chai Lifeline has launched “Going Through It, Growing Through It: Torah Perspectives and Mindful Coping in the Age of COVID-19,“ a lecture series offering divrei chizuk, psychological, and practical guidance during the current health crisis. The series will include video and audio recordings of renowned rabbanim, speakers, and mental health experts, as well as members of… Continue Reading →

Watch live now Shloshim gathering for Chabad’s Top Rosh Yeshiva

Join  thousands in  honoring the esteemed rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Yisroel Friedman of blessed memory, a Talmudic genius and exemplary chassid, who taught and inspired generations of Talmidim. This special broadcast presents beautiful memories and stories about Reb Yisroel in a… Continue Reading →

Trump Harshly Blames China For Pandemic; A Lab ‘Mistake’?

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Thursday speculated that China could have unleashed the coronavirus on the world due to some kind of horrible “mistake,” and his intelligence agencies said they are still examining a notion put forward by… Continue Reading →

Security Guard Everett Misses the Talmidim

BDE: Beloved Teacher From Bnei Brak, R’ Yehosef Halevi Dachuch, Z’L, Dies Of The Coronavirus

R’ Yehosef Yosef Halevi Dachuch, a member of the Chabad community in Bnei Brak, was niftar due to the coronavirus on Wednesday. R’ Dachuch was born in Yemen and made aliyah to Israel with his family. As a bochur, he… Continue Reading →

Joe Biden Picks Vetting Team As He Searches For Running Mate

Joe Biden announced Thursday the four co-chairs of his vice presidential vetting team, starting the search for his running mate in earnest. Former Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, Delaware Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Apple executive… Continue Reading →

Lakewood: Klal Yisroel Is Reeling From Tragic Petira; R’ Yehuda Aryeh Falik, 39

[COMMUNICATED] Once again klal yisroel is reeling from another tragic petira, this time of a yungerman in his high 30s, R’ Yehuda Aryeh Falik a”h. R’ Yehuda Aryeh a”h suffered multiple health issues throughout most of his life as well… Continue Reading →

Lentol – Felder Introduce Bill for Volunteer Compassionate Care Program

Assembly Member Joseph R. Lentol (D-Brooklyn) and Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) introduced legislation on Thursday creating the volunteer Compassionate Care Program, clearing the way for its quick and seamless enactment.… Read more » The post Lentol – Felder Introduce Bill… Continue Reading →

Israel’s Supreme Court Rules That Hositals Can’t Ban Chometz On Pesach

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that hospitals cannot ban visitors, patients or others from bringing chometz into hospitals on Pesach. Israeli hospitals traditionally ban chometz on their premises on Pesach, including patients and visitors. According to instructions issued by… Continue Reading →

President Rivlin Speaks With Cuomo About Pandemic

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin spoke on Thursday with Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York about the coronavirus pandemic and the difficulties New York is facing. The president expressed his solidarity… Read more » The post President Rivlin Speaks With Cuomo… Continue Reading →

Baltimore Turns To Aerial Surveillance As Homicides Continue

BALTIMORE (AP) — Starting Friday, the roughly 600,000 people living in Baltimore will be constantly recorded whenever they step out under the open sky. Marvin L. Cheatham Sr., for one, knows he could be watched as he goes to a… Continue Reading →

US Consumer Spending Plunges Record 7.5%, Reflecting Virus

U.S. consumer spending plunged 7.5% in March, reflecting the growing impact of the coronavirus pandemic as Americans complied with stay-at-home orders. The Commerce Department said that the spending decline was the sharpest monthly drop on records that go back to… Continue Reading →

Navy Hospital Ships, Once Thought Critical, See Few Patients

About a month ago, with Los Angeles girding for a potentially crippling surge of coronavirus cases, a massive white Navy hospital ship chugged into port: a powerful symbol of the… Read more » The post Navy Hospital Ships, Once Thought… Continue Reading →

Kendall Felix, Conspirator in Menachem Stark Kidnapping, Denied Parole Again

Kendall Felix, who conspired in the kidnapping of Menachem Stark, Hy”d, disposed of Menachem’s body and set it aflame, was denied parole a the second time. According to prosecutors, Menachem… Read more » The post Kendall Felix, Conspirator in Menachem… Continue Reading →

AGAIN: Levaya In Boro Park Turns Chaotic With NYPD Response [VIDEOS]

There was chaos in Boro Park on Thursday afternoon, as the NYPD worked to disperse a crowd that gathered for a Levaya. An NYPD source tells YWN that police were told that a vehicle carrying an Aron (coffin) would be… Continue Reading →

Lakewood Residents File Letter Protesting New Cell Tower Near Homes

Several residents from the area of Squankum Road have filed a letter of protest with Lakewood Township after a cell phone tower was installed near their homes without residents being notified of any health assessment having been conducted.  The letter… Continue Reading →

Knesset Approves Lockdown On 3 Jerusalem Neighborhoods

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced on Thursday evening that a lockdown will be imposed on three Jerusalem neighborhoods as well as two neighborhoods in the Bedouin town of Hura, near Be’er Sheva. There have been 30 new cases of the… Continue Reading →

This Time, Pence Wears Mask as He Tours Indiana Plant

Vice President Mike Pence donned a face covering Thursday as he toured a General Motors/Ventec ventilator production facility in Indiana after coming under fire for failing to wear one earlier… Read more » The post This Time, Pence Wears Mask… Continue Reading →

ICC Prosecutor Says Court Has Jurisdiction in Palestinian Territories

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has restated her position that the ICC has jurisdiction over matters pertaining to the Palestinians, which could lead to a probe of… Read more » The post ICC Prosecutor Says Court Has… Continue Reading →

Tel Aviv Gives Demonstrators Rabin Square—with Distancing Stickers

The Israeli Health Ministry has been exempting demonstrations from restrictions on public gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. But on Thursday the Tel Aviv municipality took it a large step further,… Read more » The post Tel Aviv Gives Demonstrators Rabin… Continue Reading →

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