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Month August 2020

Delta, American Join United in Dropping Most U.S. Change Fees

This could be the final boarding call for the $200 ticket-change fee that has enraged so many U.S. airline travelers over the past decade. Delta Air Lines and American Airlines… Read more » The post Delta, American Join United in… Continue Reading →

California’s Deadliest Month of the COVID-19 Pandemic is August

August was the deadliest month of the COVID-19 pandemic in California, even as the state makes steady progress in reducing infections, hospitalizations and deaths, data show. This month, California has… Read more » The post California’s Deadliest Month of the… Continue Reading →

Breslov Hasidim Barred From Entering Ukraine For Annual Uman Pilgrimage

UMAN (JTA) – Breslov Hasidim were barred from entering Ukraine for the annual Jewish New Year’s pilgrimage to Uman. Passengers on at least two flights from London and Paris were prevented from entering the country, according to reports. The flights… Continue Reading →

Florida Reports Lowest Number of New COVID-19 Cases in More Than Two Months

Florida reported its lowest number of new cases of COVID-19 in more than two months Monday, continuing a downward trend that has taken hold over the past six weeks. The… Read more » The post Florida Reports Lowest Number of… Continue Reading →

Amazon Wins FAA Approval To Deliver Packages By Drone

NEW YORK (AP) — Getting an Amazon packaged delivered from the sky is closer to becoming a reality. The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday it had granted Amazon approval to deliver packages by drones. Amazon said that the approval is… Continue Reading →

May 24 Trial Set For Steve Bannon In Fundraising Fraud Scam

A May 2021 trial date was set Monday for Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, on charges that he cheated donors to a group seeking to fund a southern border wall. Bannon, 66, of Washington, D.C., was audible… Continue Reading →

Get on the Inside – Inside Chassidus

Tuesday, September 7th/ 18th of Elul, Inside Chassidus and Rabbi Yossi Paltiel will launch a 36 hour campaign to further disseminate chassidus and celebrate the memory of the Baal Shem Tov and the living Jewish People “I asked the Moshiach,… Continue Reading →

U.S. Vetoes U.N. Resolution on Foreign Militants

The United States on Monday vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution on foreign militants fighting with groups like Islamic State because it did not address repatriation, an issue that has… Read more » The post U.S. Vetoes U.N. Resolution on… Continue Reading →

Amazon Wins FAA Approval to Deliver Packages by Drone

Getting an Amazon packaged delivered from the sky is closer to becoming a reality. The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday it had granted Amazon approval to deliver packages by drones.… Read more » The post Amazon Wins FAA Approval to… Continue Reading →

Ceasefire Arrangement on Gaza Border

Israeli officials confirmed on Monday night that understandings have been reached with Hamas over incendiary attacks on southern Israel from Gaza, though they emphasize that all will depend on whether… Read more » The post Ceasefire Arrangement on Gaza Border… Continue Reading →

Governor Beefs Up Portland Patrols After Fatal Shooting

Oregon state police will patrol Portland’s nightly protests with help from officers from neighboring communities, seeking to tamp down on vandalism and violence following the fatal shooting of a right-wing Trump supporter as the city approaches 100 consecutive nights of… Continue Reading →

Budget Chief Row Exposes a Flawed Decision-Making Process

The row over the departure of budget chief Shaul Meridor continued on Monday, as Finance Minister Yisrael Katz accused him of telling “crass lies” and misleading the public in his… Read more » The post Budget Chief Row Exposes a… Continue Reading →

Menendez, Booker Announce $66M to Combat Opioid Crisis in NJ

U.S. Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker today announced the State of New Jersey was awarded nearly $66 million in federal funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources (HHS) to boost the state’s comprehensive efforts to tackle… Continue Reading →

LAKEWOOD RABBONIM: No Schools Can Open Until Every Girl In Placed Into School

No Lakewood Mosdos will be allowed to open for the school year until every girl has a high school to go to. The decision to delay all school openings was made by the Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbonim and the Lakewood Vaad…. Continue Reading →

Opening Embassies on Agenda in Abu Dhabi

The Israeli delegation that landed in Abu Dhabi on Monday isn’t there just for the ceremonies and a side trip for shopping. They are out for all the normalization they… Read more » The post Opening Embassies on Agenda in… Continue Reading →

Clip Of Palestinian Throwing Stones On Soldiers Who Retreat From Him Provokes Controversy

HEVRON (VINnews) — A video of a Palestinian youth throwing stones at Israeli soldiers who retreat and do not respond to the provocation has aroused unusual responses in the Arab media. The video may have been originally spread by people… Continue Reading →

Israeli Government Approves Coronavirus Plan With Restrictions Based On Cities’ Infection Rates

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s new plan to control the coronavirus pandemic places restrictions on cities based on their infection rates and includes special rules for synagogues during the High Holiday. Under the plan approved Sunday night by government ministers, schools… Continue Reading →

Top Envoy Says U.S. Preparing Tighter Oil Sanctions on Venezuela

The Trump administration is looking to tighten oil sanctions on Venezuela in the near future, top U.S. envoy for the country told Reuters on Monday, by potentially removing exemptions that… Read more » The post Top Envoy Says U.S. Preparing… Continue Reading →

Netanyahu: I Worked for This Day for 25 Years

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu‏‏ delivered an address to the nation on Monday evening to mark the beginning of normalization with the United Arab Emirates. “I saw our flags raised… Read more » The post Netanyahu: I Worked for This… Continue Reading →

TEHILLIM – Child From Chicago Pulled From Pool In Critical Condition

A young child is in critical condition after drowning in a swimming pool in Indiana, YWN has learned. The three-year-old child from Chicago was with her family on vacation in Indiana, when the tragic incident occurred. The child was rushed… Continue Reading →

Teachers Union Puts Off Strike While Talks Continue

The Israel Teachers Union pulled back on a strike threat on the first day of school, postponing it until Thursday if no agreement is reached with the Education Ministry, according… Read more » The post Teachers Union Puts Off Strike… Continue Reading →

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