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Month February 2022

Pray for Ukraine

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Ukraine Talks Yield No Breakthrough As Russians Close In

The first talks aimed at stopping the fighting between Ukraine and Russia ended Monday with no agreement except to keep talking, while an increasingly isolated Moscow ran into unexpectedly fierce resistance on the ground and economic havoc at home. Five… Continue Reading →

FREUDIAN SLIP: Jill Biden ‘Mistakenly’ Calls Kamala “President of the United States” (VIDEO)

WHITE HOUSE (VINnews) — It may have been a slip of the tongue. Or perhaps a glimpse into whom Jill Biden really believes is in charge.

Jackson Needs Unity | Joseph Sullivan

Now more than ever, the message of inclusion and unity is needed in Jackson township. Jackson is a vibrant community of many different races, religions, and beliefs that come together as one.  Jackson’s growing Orthodox Jewish community deserves to be… Continue Reading →

State Of The Union: Amid Disputes, Common Cause For Ukraine

They have argued viciously in Congress over just about everything: Whether the Capitol insurrection should be investigated or brushed aside. If the president’s choice for the Supreme Court should be limited to the first Black woman. Even over whether or… Continue Reading →

Report From Rabbi in Ukraine: Preparing for Imminent Attack in Zaporizhzhia

A Rabbi in Zaporizhzhia, South East Ukraine, has spoken of his fears that the city will be attacked by Russian troops in the next 24 hours. Rabbi Nochum Ehrentreu, an… Read more » The post Report From Rabbi in Ukraine:… Continue Reading →

Odessa Rav To Knesset: “Humanitarian Crisis Is Imminent, Children Will Starve”

HaRav Avraham Wolf, Chabad shliach and Chief Rabbi of Odessa, spoke via Zoom during a meeting of the Knesset’s Constitution and Law Committee on Monday. Absorption Minister Pnina Tamno-Shata also participated in the meeting. “The situation in Ukraine is very… Continue Reading →


[COMMUNICATED] They donated in under 120 seconds… And they won! Hatzolah Auction 2022 Winners Are: Yehoshua Leib and Sora Miriam Kanarek- $36 prize package Shuki and Shevy Shlomowitz- $72 package Lisfshie Breisch- $120 package Yecheskel  and Malky Schonbrun- $180 package… Continue Reading →

Column: Ukraine’s Boxers In The Fight Of Their Lives

The two big men standing shoulder to shoulder in The Associated Press photo taken Sunday in the mayor’s office in beleaguered Kyiv, Ukraine, were instantly recognizable to most boxing fans. Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, the sons of a Soviet major… Continue Reading →

Russia Suspended From International Soccer Over Ukraine War

Russian teams were suspended Monday from all international soccer, including qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup, as Moscow was pushed toward pariah status in sports for its invasion of Ukraine. World soccer body FIFA and European authority UEFA banned… Continue Reading →

Pedestrian hospitalized after being struck by vehicle on Rt. 9 in Lakewood

The post Pedestrian hospitalized after being struck by vehicle on Rt. 9 in Lakewood appeared first on The Lakewood Scoop.

The Silent Killer – BPA

By Ron Benvenisti. If you live in the U.S. and eat any packaged foods at all, you and your kids are likely also consuming the chemical bisphenol A, or BPA. For the first time, scientists have made a startling discovery about… Continue Reading →

Swings Return To Wall Street, Oil Up After Russia Sanctions

Markets quivered Monday amid worries about how high oil prices will go and how badly the global economy will get hit after the U.S. and allies upped the financial pressure on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Stocks swung down,… Continue Reading →

Americans Should Not Fear Nuclear War With Russia, Biden Says

President Biden said Monday that Americans should not fear Russia’s invasion of Ukraine devolving into a global nuclear war despite Moscow putting its nuclear forces on high alert following harsh US sanctions, the NY Post reports. “Should Americans be worried… Continue Reading →

Police Disperse Rioters at Damascus Gate

Rioting at Damascus Gate in the Old City of Yerushlayim led to multiple injuries and arrests as police dispersed the rock and bottle throwers, according to media reports Monday night.… Read more » The post Police Disperse Rioters at Damascus… Continue Reading →

YAAKOV M: Biden Picks Nominee Based on Skin Color, not Merit…Isn’t that Racist?

Is President Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, the most qualified person for the job? We will never know. That’s because Biden did not choose her based on merit or qualifications, but based on skin color and… Continue Reading →

HASC Center Pays Tribute To Senator Chuck Schumers Father

NEW YORK (VINnews) — This past Thursday, February 24, 2022, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer was joined by Jewish Community leaders at HASC Center. Welcoming Senator Schumer and others at HASC was Mr. Shmiel Kahn (Executive Director of HASC… Continue Reading →

STUNNING: Maimonides Hospital CEO Gets Million Dollar Raise As Hospital Hemorrhages Money, Patients

Maimonides Medical Center will give its CEO and other top hospital officials bonuses in the millions of dollars, despite the medical center’s finances being in disarray and a growing number of patients turning away from the hospital in search of… Continue Reading →

400 Russian Mercenaries Sent To Kyiv To Assassinate Zelesnkky

Over 400 Russian mercenaries were sent to Kyiv under orders from the Kremlin to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, The Sunday Times reported on Monday. The mercenaries were flown in from Africa by the Wagner Group, a private militia run… Continue Reading →

U.S. Warns Israel Not to Help Russian Oligarchs Evade Sanctions

The U.S. has warned Israel not to give assistance to Russian oligarchs seeking to avoid financial sanctions imposed on Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine, Ynet reported on Monday.… Read more » The post U.S. Warns Israel Not to… Continue Reading →

42-Year-Old Israeli Man Shot Dead In Ukraine After Soldiers Suspect Him Of Being Russian Hit Man

JERUSALEM (VINnews) — BDE: An Israeli Jewish man was shot dead Monday near Kyiv the capital of the Ukraine. The man is the first known Israeli casualty of the war in the Ukraine. The Israeli was identified as 42-year-old Roman… Continue Reading →

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