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Month May 2022

After A Manhunt: Terror Attack In Old City Is Thwarted

Jerusalem Border Police officers stationed at Sha’ar Shechem on Monday spotted an Arab teen who aroused their suspicion. The Arab realized that the officers were watching him and he fled the scene into the Old City. Additional police officers were… Continue Reading →

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles responds to your ‘Ask The Mayor’ questions: Arlington

The following is an ‘Ask The Mayor’ question submitted to TLS, and the Mayor’s response. Email your questions for the Mayor to Question: Dear Mayor, Thank you for all your help work for the Lakewood community. I live in… Continue Reading →

Mexico Totally Bans Sales Of E-Cigarettes

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed a decree Tuesday outlawing the sale of e-cigarettes, continuing the government’s anti-vaping policy. Mexico had already prohibited imports of the devices since at least October. And even before that,… Continue Reading →

New Federal Lawsuits Target Ex-Cop Who Killed George Floyd

Two Minnesotans filed federal civil rights lawsuits Tuesday against the city of Minneapolis and Derek Chauvin, alleging they were traumatized when the former police officer used his “signature move” of kneeling on their necks — the same way that he… Continue Reading →

TTI Announces All New Virtual Master’s Degree Program In Education

Daemen University/TTI’s world renowned master’s degree program in Special Ed and General Ed has now become even more accessible to the public! TTI strives to constantly make changes to better accommodate their students, while never compromising on the quality of… Continue Reading →

KIDDUSH HASHEM! Orthodox Jewish Paramedic Saves Life Of EMT On Airplane While Doing Chesed Flight

Frum paramedics who were assisting in transporting a cancer patient from Los Angeles to Israel to attend her daughter’s wedding saved the life of a non-Jewish EMT who went into sudden cardiac arrest. The story begins several days earlier, when… Continue Reading →

READ IT: Professor Aaron Twerski Sends Scathing Letter To NYS Dept. Of Education

NEW YPRK (VINnews) — Last week, Professor Aaron Twerski sent a harshly written to the New York State Dept. of Education, decrying their attempts to attack the Yeshiva system. In his letter, Twerski says that he has over 100 descendants… Continue Reading →

WATCH IT: Likud MK Slams Lieberman: “Most Hypocritical & Ungrateful Politician Who Exists”

Likud MK Dudi Amsalem on Tuesday blasted Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman in the Knesset plenum for his comments on Monday against limmud Torah and Chareidim. “Lieberman says that kollel isn’t limmud Torah,” Amsalem said. “Since when does Lieberman know what… Continue Reading →

Inspectors Ask For Authority To Go After More COVID Fraud

Inspectors general need more authority to go after fraud in the COVID-19 relief programs, the independent committee overseeing federal pandemic relief spending said Tuesday. The agencies watchdogs’ authority to administratively prosecute fraudsters is limited to fraud of $150,000 or less… Continue Reading →

Eichenstein Bill Passes NYS Legislator Easing Restrictions On Condo Conversions For Small Buildings

The NYS Legislature overwhelmingly passed legislation (Bill #S8564/A8809B), sponsored by Senator Andrew Gounardes and Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, which will make it easier for tenants and apartment dwellers to purchase their homes and will allow small buildings to convert to cooperative… Continue Reading →

Ex-Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Subpoenaed in DOJ’s 1/6 Probe

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro revealed in a court filing Tuesday afternoon that he has been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury this week as part of the Justice Department’s sprawling probe into the deadly insurrection at the U.S…. Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Lakewood High School Placed on Lockdown after Report of Possible Subject with Gun [PHOTOS]

The Lakewood High School was placed on a lockdown today after receiving a report of a possible subject with a gun near the school. Shortly before 5:00 PM, Police received a call about a possible subject with an assault rifle… Continue Reading →

Man Found Dead In Gator-Filled Lake Near Disc Golf Course

LARGO, Fla. (AP) — Police in Florida say a man died searching for Frisbees in a lake at a disc golf course where people are warned by signs to beware of alligators. The unidentified man was looking for Frisbees and… Continue Reading →

Biden Talks Gun Control, Extremism With New Zealand’s PM

President Joe Biden praised New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday for her success in curbing domestic extremism and guns as he tries to persuade a reluctant Congress to tighten gun laws in the aftermath of horrific mass shootings… Continue Reading →

THIS COULD SAVE LIVES: Viral Video Shows How To Block Classroom Door After Texas School Shooting

A video showing a man demonstrating how to quickly block a classroom door with a chair in an active shooter situation has gone viral this week, igniting a debate about school safety in the wake of the massacre in Uvalde,… Continue Reading →

Over 100 Israelis In Turkey Are Personally Warned To Return To Israel

Following Israel’s general travel warning to Turkey on Monday morning, over 100 Israelis in Turkey were personally contacted by Israeli officials and warned to return to Israel, Channel 12 News reported on Monday evening. According to the report, over 100… Continue Reading →

3 Nations Join International Team Probing Ukraine War Crimes

Three more nations on Tuesday joined an international investigation team probing war crimes in Ukraine, and the International Criminal Court prosecutor said he plans to open an office in Kyiv, amid ongoing calls for those responsible for atrocities since Russia’s… Continue Reading →

TSA Airplane Cabin Cleaner Caught with Loaded Handgun [PHOTO]

An individual who works at Pittsburgh International Airport was stopped with a loaded handgun when Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers detected the gun in the man’s backpack when he reported to work on Sunday, May 30. The man, a resident… Continue Reading →

Israel Says Iran Spied On Nuclear Inspectors Two Decades Ago

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel said Tuesday it has proof that Iran stole classified documents from the U.N. atomic energy agency nearly two decades ago and used them to conceal its nuclear activities from international inspectors. The documents appear to show… Continue Reading →

Shaked, Orbach Against Lieberman: “We’ll Ensure Lomdei Torah Aren’t Harmed”

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and chairman of the Yamina party Nir Orbach visited religious schools in Zichron Yaakov on Tuesday and used the opportunity to send their coalition partner Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman a message about his mockery of limmud… Continue Reading →

R’ Osher Lehmann ז”ל החבר אשר בן החבר מאיר ז”ל

Family getting up: Mrs. Ruth LehmannWife Mr. Yisroel (Marcus) LehmannSon Will begin sitting Shiva at this location Thursday morning Mrs. Chanalee Schlisser Daughter Mrs. Sarah KassaiDaughter Mrs. Tirza GoldschmidtDaughter Mrs. Yocheved Chamudi JacobsDaughter

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