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Month September 2022

Stocks End September Down 9.3%, Worst Month Since March 2020

Wall Street closed out a miserable September on Friday with the S&P 500′s worst monthly skid since March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic crashed global markets. The benchmark index ended the month with a 9.3% loss and posted its third… Continue Reading →

Justice Jackson Makes Supreme Court Debut in Brief Ceremony

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson made her first appearance on the Supreme Court bench in a brief courtroom ceremony Friday, three days before the start of the high court’s new term. President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and their spouses… Continue Reading → Adds Travel Warnings For West Bank Settlements

JERUSALEM (AP) — The online travel agency added warnings on Friday to listings in the Israeli West Bank, following years of pressure from Palestinian officials and human rights groups. The new alert urges customers searching for rentals in Israeli… Continue Reading →

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes’ Path: From Yale to Jail

Long before he assembled one of the largest far-right anti-government militia groups in U.S. history, before his Oath Keepers stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Stewart Rhodes was a promising Yale Law School graduate. He secured a clerkship… Continue Reading →

Kiddush Hashem: Jewish Organizations Team Up To Support Florida Hurricane Victims

FLOIDA (VINnews) — With the destruction left by the aftermath of Hurricane lan, Hatzalah South Florida has joined together with Chesed Shel Emes, Yedidim and local Rabbinical leadership to support our brothers and sisters in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and… Continue Reading →

US Outlines Plan For Long-Term Baby Formula Imports

U.S. regulators on Friday unveiled their plan to allow foreign baby formula manufacturers to stay on the market long term, an effort to diversify the nation’s tightly concentrated industry and prevent future shortages. The Food and Drug Administration said recent… Continue Reading →

Hundreds of Kids From East Ukraine Stranded in Russian Camps

The Russian occupation radio and newspaper ads promoted the camps as a summer break from the war for Ukrainian children under their control, free of charge. Hundreds of families agreed in the occupied east and the south, Ukrainian officials and… Continue Reading →

Safety Deposit Boxes Headed Toward Extinction At Chase

NEW YORK (AP) — You’ll no longer be able to store your precious coins, jewelry and paperwork at JPMorgan Chase & Co., as the bank has stopped opening new safety deposit boxes for customers. A spokesman for the bank said… Continue Reading →

Ian Makes Landfall Again, This Time in South Carolina

A revived Hurricane Ian made landfall on coastal South Carolina on Friday, threatening the historic city of Charleston with severe flooding after the deadly storm caused catastrophic damage in Florida and trapped thousands in their homes. The U.S. National Hurricane… Continue Reading →

UNPRECEDENTED: Israel Recognizes Private Conversions For Citizenship

In an unprecedented decision, a Yerushalayim District Court recognized Orthodox conversions to Judaism made outside the Chief Rabbinate for citizenship purposes – but not for religious recognition. The case involved two women who converted to Judaism in Israel through Orthodox… Continue Reading →

DeSantis Shifts From Provocateur To Crisis Manager After Ian

FLORIDA (AP) – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has whipsawed his way through the national conversation this month, first by putting migrants on planes or buses to Democratic strongholds and then shifting to a more traditional role of crisis manager as… Continue Reading →

Inflation Hits Record 10% in 19 EU Countries Using Euro

Inflation in the European countries using the euro currency has broken into double digits as prices for electricity and natural gas soar, signaling a looming winter recession for one of the globe’s major economies as higher prices undermine consumers’ spending… Continue Reading →

NASA Spacecraft Buzzes Jupiter Moon Europa, Closest in Years

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has made the closest approach to Jupiter’s tantalizing, icy moon Europa in more than 20 years. Juno on Thursday zipped within approximately 219 miles (352 kilometers) of Europa, thought to have an ocean flowing beneath its thick… Continue Reading →

US Outlines Plan For Long-term Baby Formula Imports

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. regulators on Friday unveiled their plan to allow foreign baby formula manufacturers to stay on the market long term, an effort to diversify the nation’s tightly concentrated industry and prevent future shortages. The Food and Drug… Continue Reading →

Resilient US Consumers Spend Slightly More in August

Consumers spent a bit more in August than the previous month, a sign the economy is holding up even as inflation lifts prices for food, rent, and other essentials. Americans boosted their spending at stores and for services such as… Continue Reading →

EPA Doubles Money for Electric School Buses as Demand Soars

Responding to “overwhelming demand,” the Environmental Protection Agency is nearly doubling the money available to states to buy electric models of the familiar yellow school buses that millions of children ride every school day. The EPA made $500 million available… Continue Reading →

WATCH: Florida Rabbi and Son Rescue Orlando Family by Boat

ORLANDO ( The devastation caused by Hurricane Ian has extended far beyond Florida’s Gulf Coast. When Rabbi Yosef Konikov of Chabad-Lubavitch of South Orlando learned that a family of four was trapped on the second floor of their home in… Continue Reading →

Watch Mr. Roy Neuberger on Yom Kippur

Mr. Roy Neuberger has a unique take on contemporary events and the impending Yomim Tovim and the parsha.  He has been hailed by leading Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshiva and Gedolim for his Torah true hashkafos.  You can subscribe to his videos… Continue Reading →

Rabbi Yitzi And Rochel Loewenthal, Chabad Of Copenhagen, Denmark – Why Is The Rebbe On My TV?

Download PDF for Shabbas Reading  While some stories remain unverified, the claim that Denmark and its people went to great lengths to protect their Jewish population during WWII is an immovable, inarguable fact.   The Jewish community in Denmark is… Continue Reading →

Putin Illegally Annexes Ukraine Land; Kyiv Seeks NATO Entry

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed treaties Friday to illegally annex more occupied Ukrainian territory in a sharp escalation of his seven-month invasion. Ukraine’s president immediately countered with a surprise application to join the NATO military alliance. Putin’s land-grab and President… Continue Reading →

POLITICAL ROUNDUP: Desantis under investigation for busing illegals. Did Fauci help create Covid? Trump accused of (bogus) fraud

In today’s exciting episode, Yaakov discusses: Two top scientists say Fauci funded the research that developed Covid, then lied to Congress about it The latest fraud charges against Trump and his family are bogus Trump once showed a Taliban leader… Continue Reading →

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