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Month November 2023

VIDEO: Driver Passing School Bus on Shoulder Nearly Runs Over Lakewood Student Walking Off Bus

A young student getting off a school bus in Lakewood was nearly struck by a vehicle passing the bus on the shoulder. The incident happened yesterday evening on Squankum Road. The dashcam video obtained by TLS shows the school bus… Continue Reading →

Did your Zeidy also teach you – “Don’t let your dreams stay dreams”?

Did your Zeidy also teach you – “Don’t let your dreams stay dreams”? There are times when you can easily make your dreams come to life.  Owning a home in Israel is one of those dreams you don’t push off!… Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Police Chase Deer Through Elementary School in Toms River

Toms River police officers were dispatched to Cedar Grove Elementary after a resident reported that they witnessed a deer breaking through a glass window and entering the school. Officers quickly located the deer, but in an attempt to escape arrest,… Continue Reading →

Tonight: R’ Rubashkin’s Weekly Shaar HaBitachon Shiur

Listen to the New Song – Fargin Ah Yid

‘Fargin Ah Yid’: Three simple words…but not so simple to do. ‘Yitzchok Perlstien’ a name synonymous with Chessed and awareness in Torah values specifically his incredible awareness campaign and successes with the “Don’t talk in Shul movement” getting thousands of… Continue Reading →

CDC advises everyone to not eat pre-cut cantaloupes if brand of cantaloupes is unknown

The CDC is advising not to eat cut cantaloupe, unless you know the brand, after 117 people from 34 states got sick with salmonella. Key Points:  Since the last update on November 24, 2023, an additional 18 people infected with… Continue Reading →

Watch Live 4:30 PM: Reb Meilich Biderman on Preparaing for Chanukah

Three Charged With Strict Liability Drug-Induced Death After Ocean County Man Dies of Drug Overdose

Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer announced that on November 14, 2023, Michael Wormann, 38 of Toms River, Ryan Thompson, 35, of Trenton, and Tina Martinez, 61, also of Trenton, were charged with Strict Liability Drug Induced Death, in connection… Continue Reading →

PHOTOS: Road Dedication in Jackson in Honor of LPD’s Nicklas Shimonovich

A ceremony was held this morning on Thompson Bridge Road in Jackson, dedicating the road in honor Lakewood Police Ptl. Nicklas Shimonovich who was tragically killed in an accident on that road.

PHOTOS: Vehicle Lands On Top of Another in 4-Car Accident in Lakewood

Police have shut down the area of Route 70 and New Hampshire in Lakewood following a four-vehicle accident, with one of the vehicles coming to a rest on top of another. The accident happened approximately 1:10 PM. No serious injuries… Continue Reading →

NJ Attorney General Platkin Co-Leads Multistate Amicus Brief to Uphold Laws Restricting Gun Magazine Capacity

Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin and Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell announced today that they co-led a coalition of 15 other attorneys general in supporting the state of California’s efforts to restrict the capacity of large-capacity magazines (LCMs) within… Continue Reading →

Watch Live 12:00 PM: All-Star Jewish Summit, Showcasing Torah, Business and Unity

Give The Gift Of Music: Your Kids Are Going To Love Bassline Pro’s Newest Instrument!

You’ve heard about Bassline Pro’s amazing virtual keyboard and guitar lessons, now the fun is getting a beat! Introducing…drums! Here’s how you can win ‘mom-of-the-year,’ no drum set needed. Bassline Pro is where thousands of students have mastered keyboard or guitar through… Continue Reading →

Division on Civil Rights Issues Notice of Violation in Response to Advertisements Excluding Jewish Customers

“Gig Economy” Worker Violated the Law Against Discrimination

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles responds to your ‘Ask The Mayor’ questions: Central

The following is an ‘Ask The Mayor’ question submitted to TLS, and the Mayor’s response. Email your questions for the Mayor to Question: Hi! Central gets very backed up when trying to cross over rt 9. If that light… Continue Reading →

Burdensome Changes Threaten Livelihood of Foreign Avrechim In Israel | Chaim V’chessed

Many foreigners reside in Israel as visa holders. These are most frequently students or kollel students who have not yet completed the Aliya process. While not citizens, they are recognized as legal residents and are entitled to many services offered… Continue Reading →

Authorities Investigating Shooting in Lakewood

Authorities are investigating an overnight shooting in Lakewood, TLS has learned. Shortly after midnight, police responded to a block on the south end of Lakewood for the reports of shots fired. Upon arrival, police had learned that a shooter had… Continue Reading →

Urge Congress Like Never Before!

Join the unified campaign to send 100,000 letters to Congress to stand with Israel; to press for the release of ALL hostages; and to combat surging domestic antisemitism. It’s no secret that the opposition in America has been loud, vocal,… Continue Reading →

HASHEM YIKAM DAMO: Eishes Chaver & Principal Of School, Newlywed Are Victims Of J-m Attack

The three victims of the the Jerusalem terror attack were identified as HaDayan HaRav Elimelech Wasserman, H’yd, Mrs. Chana Ifirgan, H’yd, and Libi Dickman, H’yd – all residents of Jerusalem. Mrs. Chana Ifirgan, H’yd, 67, was the principal of a… Continue Reading →

H’YD: HaDayan HaRav Elimelech Wasserman Murdered In J-m Terror Attack

One of the victims of the terror attack in Jerusalem on Thursday was identified as HaDayan HaRav Elimelech Wasserman, H’yd, a resident of Rechov Sorotzkin in Jerusalem. HaRav Wasserman, 73, a leading Rav of the Belz chassidus, was the son-in-law… Continue Reading →

TERROR IN J-M: 3 Murdered, 8 Injured, In Shooting Attack By Hamas Terrorists At Entrance To Jerusalem

Three people were murdered and six people were seriously and moderately injured in a shooting attack at the entrance to Jerusalem on Thursday morning. One of the fatalities was a 24-year-old woman, a second was a man in his 70s,… Continue Reading →

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