As The known R’ Chaim Vital has said this segulah has brought yeshuos “thousands of times”. WHERE DOES THIS POWERFUL AND POTENT SEGULAH COME FROM?  Reb Chaim Vital performed this renowned pidyon twice a year, for himself. he writes in his sefer Pri Eitz Chaim “Thousands of times this segulah has been tried and proven“.  While the Arizal revealed this powerful pidyon, it was the holy Reshash who instructed us how to perform it, The Reshash wrote that one should set aside 160 pure silver coins, recite special kabalistic tefilos, and donate these coins to talmidei chachamim who are moser nefesh to learn Torah.  The 160 coins, equivalent to the numerical value of “eitz,” symbolize man who is likened to a tree, an “eitz” hasadeh. Through this segulah, the person receives a pidyon nefesh (redemption of his soul) where judgment is transferred from the person to the coins and the person receives a new tzelem Elokim.  The pidyon Rashash is cited and referred to in countless sefarim. Many illustrious gedolim and rebbes have quoted and performed the renowned Pidyon Rashash.  The sefer ‘Shemen Sason’ writes that for whoever the pidyon Rashash is performed will certianly live through the year! Who can deny themselves the promise of life?! The Sefer Sha’arei Rachamim describes the Pidyon Reshash as a segulah received from Eliyahu HaNavi, himself.  WHERE DID KOLLEL CHATZOS COME TO PERFORM THIS INCREDIBLE SEGULAH?  While the segulah is tremendously potent every time, it is particularly powerful after midnight. When the Ropshitzer Rav was sick, the Ateres Tzvi even wrote to the Zera Kodesh that he will perform the pidyon for him after chatzos and “certainly, certainly, certainly, you will merit a yeshua!”.  We are living in desperate times. Klal Yisroel is looking out for Refuos, Shidduchim, Nachas, Parnassah, etc. It is mekubal that often- time there are wonderful hashpaos and yeshuos waiting to come down, but we are not worthy of them. Once the pidyon Rashash is performed, we are pure, with a new tzelem Elokim, clearing the path for the hashpaos tovos to descend.  Every year, on 10 Shvat, on the yahrtzeit of the Reshash, the Kollel Chatzos’s talmidei chachamim perform this segulah and distribute the coins amongst the Kollel learners. These talmidei chachamim, who sacrifice their  nights for Torah, are most worthy to perform the pidyon, for they truly personify Torah with mesirus nefesh. They recite the lengthy tefilos individually for each supplicant, in the most mehudar way. And perform the pidyon at the most opportune time – after chatzos.  IS THERE A STORY DEMONSTRATING THE POWERS OF THIS SEGULAH? Every year, after performing the pidyon for yidden, who are longing for yeshuos, in the most stellar way possible, the Kollel merits to hear story upon story about individuals whose lives have been transformed by the Pidyon. In the time of the emperor Napoleon, the holy Chasam Sofer did the “Pidyo Rashash” for all the residents of Pressburg, and although all the homes were destroyed in the war, not one Yid perished. It was a truly wonderful miracle. The holy Magid of Mezritch did the “Pidyon Rashash” for an esteemed woman who was critically ill, and she miraculously recovered. When the holy mekubal Rav Mordechai Sharabi was asked to pray on behalf of Jews who were very ill with […]

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