While many leaders in the Chasidic community have come under fire lately for being lax on their pandemic safety, one prominent figure is actively fighting to keep COVID patients out of ICU wards. Rabbi Salomon, Rav of the Stefanesht community, has become known in the city of Jerusalem as an essential contact for procuring oxygen machines.

It began with a small operation: The Rav & a small team of people donated their money to purchase oxygen concentrators and began distributing them to sick people. It was a huge success: Many patients were able to raise their oxygen levels rather than needing to be transported to overcrowded hospitals. Doctors have stressed that taking early preventative measures to keep the virus from experiencing a severe downward spiral can be the difference between life and death. Now the Stefanesht team works day and night, and has over 120 oxygen machines currently in use. Their volunteer work is saving lives in a real way.

Unfortunately the organization has now run out of supplies. This week they have had to turn away several families. They are raising funds to buy 100 more machines.

A letter from the Rav of Stefanesht urges donors to consider giving $795, the cost of one machine. Each one machine can save several lives. As the Jewish tradition brings down, saving one life is like saving an entire world.

The Rav also extends his blessing to all donors that in the merit of their saving lives, they should see yeshuos as well.