Urgent Appeal from Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Stambler and Rabbi Mayer Stambler, Warsaw אחב״י ה׳ עליהם יחיו   Please give generously! As you are well aware, there is a major war in Ukraine, the likes of which Europe hasn’t seen since the Second World War in terms of the scale of destruction, violence and civilian death.  A large part of the tragedy is the millions of refugees and tens of thousands of Jews who are escaping the war zone – including thousands who are streaming across the border into Poland.  We don’t have the luxury of watching it from afar and offering sympathy – they are arriving literally on our doorstep.  We have to respond and act. Hundreds are calling daily, from both sides of the border, begging for assistance. Current Activities – this is what our emergency operation consists of: Accommodations for 200 people per night in an assortment of apartments, hotels, and other facilities  Food for 400 people, including some hot meals and other basics, served in our center and by delivery Transportation from the border to Warsaw and from Warsaw to their next destinations  Additional Support consisting of medical care, psychologists, medicines, diapers and other needs   This is a massive operation that is above & beyond our normal capacity & resources. We’re doing it because there is no one else.    One example: as a temporary emergency measure, due to a huge shortage of beds, we rented an entire hotel in Warsaw to house Hundreds of refugees from Ukraine. The total bill will be $275,000 for this month (March) alone.  Urgent Accommodation is needed now for 200 refugees for the entire coming month incl. Passover Until April 30th.    DAILY EMERGENCY OPERATIONS BUDGET – Please give generously!   Transportation Shuttles, bus/train/flight tickets $2,000 per day Accommodations $25/person x 200 people $5,000 per day Meals $10/meal x 800 meals $8,000 per day Manpower 25 volunteers and workers $1,000 per day Additional Support Health care and other support $2,500 per day Misc Expenses Supplies, shipping, basic needs $1,500 per day   Total Daily Budget $20,000 per day – Please give generously!   We need to urgently raise $1M to cover the next 50 days worth of emergency operations. It is a matter of life and death for those who have already lost their country, their homes, their loved ones.  Please give generously! OUR GOAL: 1 million dollar     CLICK HERE TO DONATE!   More ways to give:   US donations are tax-exempt through My Keren Hashluchim Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) organization.   US Bank Transfer HSBC ACCT # 671710052 Bank Address: 4410 13the Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11219 Routing No.: 021001088 SWIFT code: MRMDUS33  Account Holder: My Keren Hashluchim Inc.  398 Crown St., Brooklyn, NY 11225  Please note “Chabad Warsaw Poland” in the transfer message field.   Check Chabad Warsaw Poland c/o My Keren Hashluchim Inc. 591 Montgomery St., Brooklyn, NY 11225 Please note “Chabad Warsaw Poland” in the check memo.   For more options and further assistance, email office@chabad.org.pl Sincerely yours,   Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Stambler Rabbi Mayer Stambler  

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